Warehouse 13 Friday Panel at DragonCon | Part 1 (x)

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Monday Warehouse 13 panel at Dragoncon.

Question: if the show continued, what would you have wanted to happen next?


Joanne Kelly, bless you. Same to you Eddie

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Yep, this will take a while:

That’s just Friday’s panel. Saturday and Monday has 5 parts. So bear with me.

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Yes, still uploading my Warehouse 13 panel videos.


Yep. That happened.

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"I love all the motherfucking lightsabers." - Joanne Kelly

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Warehouse 13 videos are coming as promised. Check back in a few or more hours and I’ll have them up as soon as my internet would let me. They’re all very large files because I filmed the Friday and Saturday panels at 30fps and in 1080p so… this’ll take a while. I did not film Sunday’s panel because a rather large guy sat in my camera’s way, but worry not, nothing interesting about Sunday’s panel. Saul talked through most of it. As for today’s panel, I filmed most of it, but it’s very shaky. 

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You guys have no idea how in love with Joanne Kelly I am right now. 

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I am honestly not a big fan of Saul Rubinek. He seemed very against anybody asking anything about Bering & Wells. He called it an agenda and that kinda pisses me off. He seems like a nice enough guy but his reactions to a Bering & Wells question or what might be a Bering & Wells question just rubbed me the wrong way.

But I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s probably because it is Atlanta and it is in the south.